Bowling House Review: A Rare Night(Early Evening…) Out

Since having children, like most parents of toddlers or newborns, we can probably count the number of nights out we’ve had together on one hand. We’ve managed a night at the cinema, a night at a stand-up gig and one night away. Whilst it’s not a huge priority for us at the moment, it definitely does you good to just refocus and remind each other why we liked spending time together in the first place!

I was offered such a chance at the Bowling House, a new venue in Norwich whose motto is ‘Eat.Drink.Bowl’ (all of which sounds great to me!). They offered a game of bowling, drink and a meal for bloggers like me (and better-known ones!) which I couldn’t turn down!

We decided on a late afternoon/early evening slot, which worked out really well as the place sort of filled up around us. We had two games of bowling – there are 5 lanes in total, so the place doesn’t get overly crowded or busy, and despite it being a Saturday afternoon there were two other lanes being used, and when we sat down to eat the whole place was full!

The Dude Abides

There is obviously a Big Lebowski vibe going on, which is awesome to a film geek like me, and shows the attention to the décor and style of the place. Despite it being the same activity, it had a much more grown-up feel than say a Hollywood Bowl (there were no arcade machines or sticky carpets!), yet was still very family friendly – there was a family after us with primary-aged children and the friendly atmosphere and shorter lanes seemed to be a great match.


It was lovely to have a bit of time for me and Lucy to just relax, and we didn’t spend too long talking about the children for once. I think we mostly talked about how much better Lucy was than me, winning both games comfortably!

Food and Drink

We went for a cocktail and a milkshake (I was driving) to accompany our games, and as someone who is a bit of an Oreo milkshake fanatic, I was very happy to see it on the menu! Lucy’s prosecco cocktail went down well too, though to be honest we were both a bit spoilt for choice when it came to drinks.

When it came to food, we went for a side and main each, though many of the mains contain one of the side options. There is a fairly limited menu, which in some ways was pretty handy but I still wanted more or less everything! I settled on the halloumi burger with onion rings, and Lucy had the filled flatbread with cheesy jalapenos on the side. The portions were pretty large, especially the sides (see the photos), and we were both left feeling stuffed by the end.



We didn’t have room for a pudding, but I’m sure they would have been equally impressive.


We were already talking at the end about it would be really nice to go back. Its claim to be a boutique bowling alley sounds a bit over-the-top at first, but in reality it is a cosy, welcoming place that serves good food, has helpful staff and the design of the place makes you feel like you’ve gone to a bowling alley that is really just for ‘grown-ups’ (I bet it’s really good of a busy Saturday evening!) when out for a date night. Bea’s a bit too young to appreciate it yet, but certainly when she’s older we’ll be heading over for a bowl and a bite! Thanks again to the team at Bowling House for a great and much-needed break, and we’ll try and come back again soon.



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