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Thoughts on 6 months as a Dad of Two

As you can probably tell by the lack of blogging recently, life has been pretty busy. The 6 months since Felix has been born have absolutely flown by! When Bea turned 6 months, I reflected on life as a new dad. I’ve been wanting to do the same for when Felix turned 6 months too, so here they are:

Your Priorities Change (again)

It sounds obvious, but when there are two children, you barely have time to think. My work/life balance has taken yet another shift towards the life side of things, despite taking on more responsibility in my job. Time with them (and Lucy of course!) is the best thing. Writing up those experiences on here is less of a priority right now, though I know I will enjoy reflecting on these at some point if things ever calm down!

Parenting Amnesia

I’m not talking about blocking out the sleep deprivation, or the mountains of nappies, poonamis, etc. I’m talking about the fact that I don’t seem to remember what Bea was like at Felix’s age. Bea is constantly changing and developing into a little character, so you gloss over those memories as you try and take in the new ones. Comparisons are really tricky (purely from a curiosity point of view!). The plus side to that is I’m definitely seeing Felix as his own little person.

Love is doubled, not shared

One of the questions that creeps in as a parent of two (or more) is whether or not you will love your children equally. The truth is that this is never in doubt. You don’t have a fixed amount of love that gets shared, you merely get to have that same brilliant feeling towards two little humans instead.

Laughter is the best

These two crack each other up with simple peekaboo games and chasing each other round (obviously Felix gets a helping hand…). Whatever stresses you might have simply disappear when they’re both chuckling away. This is coupled with the smile I get from Felix (guaranteed) when I get home from work, which lifts the weight off my shoulders. Bea on the other hand is a bit more selective with her smiles at the moment…

Teamwork is even more vital!

If you’ve read a post on here before, I’ve almost certainly sung my wife’s praises. With new routines, split trips to places, and just being exhausted, you need to share duties and roles. Whilst I’m far from being the best at organisation, we’ve had to really pull together when they’ve both been ill or needed to be in two places at once! This also goes out to any family members who have helped us too!

So Many Photos

I remember being told by quite a few friends that ‘You never have as many photos of baby number two.’ I also remember just how many I took of Bea at first, and on the whole this is perhaps true. However, what is certain is that my new(ish) phone means I’ve got far too many moments that I’ve snapped, and being mindful of the comment above, have made every effort to get as many of Felix as I can.

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PS – This one’s for Piers Morgan. What a berk.