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Daddy/Daughter Day: Go Go Hares Mission!

Today was my first morning out with just Bea for a while. Whilst it was fun before, now that she is so chatty and shows an interest in basically everything, days out are that much more involved and entertaining!

Like many other cities around the country, Norwich has a charity event every few years with differently designed animals decorated in various forms by local artists (and colleges/schools in some instances). This year sees the turn of the GoGoHares, raising money for the charity Break. There are maps that let you go and find them all, and hopefully win a prize of a free flight for 4 from Norwich airport. Conveniently, there are now 4 of us in the family…

Lucy had already started us off last week, but we planned to split ourselves as Lucy was off showing off a rather charming and smiley Felix to friends, so I had Bea all to myself. Our target? To tick off as many hares off the list as possible. How did we do?

We left the house pretty sharpish. You really appreciate how much easier it is to pack for a 2 year old over a 2 month old. It meant we could get into Norwich before it got too busy. For Bea, it was her first trip on a bus, so she was really excited, even shouting out a couple of renditions of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and asking why we weren’t moving every time we stopped. She loved it though, especially the ‘wibbly wobbly’ (in her words!) journey.

Once we arrived in Norwich, Bea with map in hand, we set off on a sort of planned route around the city, ticking off hares as we go. A bit of excellent acting (“I wonder where they are? I can’t see them anywhere.”) as we approached each ‘bunny’ led to massive excitement and probably a new feeling of smugness for Bea. Each one became ‘mines’ as we saw them. By half past 9, we had already ticket off our first seven or so, with the ones surrounding Norwich cathedral (see title photo) providing the most entertainment.

After getting in and out of the buggy to give the hares a pat-pat and a hug, time had crept on and we (I mean me) were ready for a break. Water and a flapjack and Bea was ready again! Sadly, I didn’t pack any snacks for me (noted for future reference!). 2 hours of being guided around and she still kept saying ‘more bunnies’, which was exactly the approach we took.

The heat got the better of us though, and Bea was taken to what I thought was a place that did ice cream sundaes (me and Lucy had visited it in our pre-children days). They still sold ice cream, but it was nothing like before. The sundae menu was reduced to one option. Thankfully, it was Bea’s favourite – strawberries! She kept saying thank you as the lady kept piling on the flavours and the strawberries, and Bea nearly exploded when she added chocolate sauce! It was bizarre seeing her sit at the table (no high chair) and just casually share a sundae with her dad. Everything changes so quickly!

From there, we took a slightly windy route around another 10 or so hares, and had a little break on the floor of Waterstones where she wanted me to read pretty much every book (we read 1). Spending her birthday vouchers was tough as there are so many quirky, funny and brilliant kids books out there! Bea behaved brilliantly over a tuna sandwich for lunch, and then we nipped round to the library to return some books and pick up our first summer challenge sticker. She was getting tired at this point, so we returned to the bus for a slightly less wibbly wobbly journey, and she was so excited to tell Lucy everything we had done. I couldn’t have asked for her to be any better behaved and despite the sweat pouring off of me by the end of it, I loved having the morning with her. We’re off to go find the rest of the hares and win that holiday, starting tomorrow.

P.S. – if you haven’t seen the link already, you can vote for this blog on the Norfolk Parent and Baby Show 2018 awards which is crazy but equally awesome.

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