Beacember Advent Calendar Day #11

Day 11.
As you can see, I’ve found an app for pimping some photos…just not the one below! This is of another pair of festive tights (apparently!).
Day 11.jpg
One of the more tenuous ones, I’m going to get back on track I promise!
Today we went out for a nice Sunday lunch, where we were offered a children’s menu for the first time. Somewhat ambitious! We’re not quite at that stage yet, though Beatrice does love gnawing at various blankets and objects at the moment.
It’s also fascinating to see her engage with all kinds of materials at the moment; watching her eyebrows crinkle in concentration as she realises what she is holding is really cool!
One such item will be featuring in a future advent calendar post too!
Day 12 is inside this box, what could it be?