Beacember Advent Calendar Day # 9

We move onto day 9! Just a quick update today as I’ve had a rare evening out! Obviously being back by 10:30 tells you it wasn’t a big one…
I know I won’t be alone in this, and if anything I’m very lucky to have a job where I can get home before 5 if I choose to, but the days where I only see Beatrice in the morning are really weird! Still, tomorrow is the weekend, so that tends to make up for it!
Her item for today is a very festive dress, that is actually very tight to get over her head. It’s something you don’t always consider when buying clothes (but probably should), but the ease of removal and access is definitely worth a think. We couldn’t resist this one though!
Tomorrow is the last day of the ‘Syringe Sorrows’ too. Sadly, all our efforts still seem to be in vain, so we will see what happens next! Day 10 awaits…
day 10 teaser.jpg
Looking forward to the weekend!