Beacember Advent Calendar Day #4

‘Bea’cember continues into day four!
We spent today with an old friend who was meeting Beatrice for the first time, and went for a wander in the glorious winter sunshine. Beatrice was fully wrapped up, which is a big change from the simple vest look she had been rocking in August! Lucy and I however, in a move that many people can probably relate to, didn’t clothe ourselves accordingly and both got rather chilly after our long walk!
We’re also back onto what I’m going to name the ‘Syringe Struggles’. Whilst the new technique we’ve picked up (Google is so good for tips!) feel a bit brutal, and Bea definitely isn’t a fan, at least she is taking the medication now. Fortunately, her discomfort seems to have been quickly forgotten and we both got smiles soon after.
Onto what you’ve all come for, today’s reveal. So far we’ve had a blanket, a candle, and some pudding socks. I restrained from adding to her collection too whilst in Next, they do some really cute stuff! For day four, here’s one of her Christmas decorations for the tree, picked up at the Craft fair mentioned in Daddy Daughter Days. I should’ve remembered where I bought it from to give them a shout out, sorry!
day 4.jpg
Simple, but I really like it!
Day 5…? One of my favourites!